Practice blocking and tackling basics for boosting B2B Marketing Leads

Practice the Basics to Boost B2B Marketing Leads

Before complicating your marketing strategy to increase leads, rethink the basics and build on that. There is a good reason that professional football players still have coaches blowing whistles at them during drills on the practice field. They can’t execute a game plan or run complex plays during a game without having the fundamentals in…

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Atlanta Marketing Man Seeks Giant Ice Cream Cone Boy on Ladder

Atlanta Marketing Man Searches for Lost Sign from Knoxville’s Past

This story begins at my B2B marketing agency in Atlanta, among hundreds of advertising characters. Anybody who knows me knows I have a thing for vintage advertising, especially circa ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. I amassed quite a collection of original poster prints, advertising figures, and even full-size billboards over the years, and many are still…

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