Community Service–Always a Great Idea

As an Atlanta-based creative marketing agency, our services to our business clients can be applied effectively on behalf of charitable causes within our community. When I look back over my career, the pro bono work STOUT Creative (formerly MLT Creative) has done together for local non-profits will mean the most to me.

We grow our business by helping our clients grow theirs, so keeping our pro-bono projects from sliding to the back burner is a challenge. I think we have found the right balance between our paying clients and the volunteer work we do by following these guidelines:

  • Treat charitable projects just as you do for paying work. Assign a project manager, open a job number, and schedule it in traffic with the same priority as other jobs.
  • Be careful not to over-commit. Focus on the one or two charities you can manage within your regular workflow and make a difference for them. You will become more familiar with their needs and be more effective with your efforts.
  • Do great work for the charities you decide to help. It’s satisfying and gratifying because your staff will have made a positive difference working together for a worthwhile cause.

I read once that some of the happiest people in retirement are nurses and firefighters because they can look back on their careers and know, without a doubt, that they made a positive difference. I want to have that same feeling of accomplishment when I retire, and I’d like the younger members of our staff to have it, too. I can’t mention our work with AdaptED Sport without a special mention of our Senior Art Director, Matt Albert. Matt’s work on their website and so many other projects is like all his work – spectacular.

Currently, STOUT Creative works with the Atlanta-based American Association of AdaptED Sports Program to help often overlooked youth get off the sidelines and into the game.” The AAASP’s mission is to expand and sustain a standardized structure for education-based athletic competition to improve the well-being of students with physical disabilities.

Please visit the AAASP website and consider donating. Thank you!