Basics, Best Practices, ...and Blunders

Basics, Best Practices, ...and Blunders


Let’s take a hard look at you, your company and your business goals to make sure you’re prepared and organized to do this well...

The biggest predictor of success may surprise you. It’s not having great ideas, or a big budget, or even a team of willing and capable writers. It’s your company culture.

Before you start a blog at your company... even if it’s strategically the right thing to do... even if your competitors are doing it... even if marketing is screaming for it... you have to ask yourself: “Can our company culture support and sustain this?”

Get answers to these questions and more...

What should I write about?

Why is nobody commenting?

How do I build a community?

Can I outsource blogging?

Let’s start with the ultimate marketing goal of any business. To stand out. To differentiate yourself by creating insanely great value for your customers.

If you understand how to execute a blog well, this is a chance for your voice to be heard above the din of those competitors. And more important, it gives your stakeholders a chance to talk back. To interact, to engage, to actually build an emotional connection with you and your brand. Wow! All that from a blog? You bet. And it gets better...