Beyond the Basics... Elevating Your Blog


To blog or not to blog is a raging hot topic at many companies today. Blogs in a complex corporate environment can be difficult to manage and politically charged.

One thing to consider in today’s world of “inbound” marketing: A corporate blog is not just a blog!

You may not need every social media weapon in your arsenal and you should diligently assess your goals and resource limitations, but blogs do play an increasingly important role in the world of corporate communications...

Get answers to these questions and more...

How does corporate blogging differ from personal blogging?

How do I set a corporate strategy for my blog?

How do I take the politics out of company blog?

Building a relevant audience for your blog and connecting with them is important, but the ultimate goal is to move customers and sales leads to the bottom line. How do we convert blog visitors to sales?

Understand the buying cycle and the keywords used at various points in that cycle. Help customers find useful content based on where they are in that cycle.

Consider your blog as just one piece of an information eco-system constantly pointing sales leads to your products and services.