With Big Ideas, It’s Important to Share Encouragement

My dictionary defines encouragement as “the act of encouraging”, …so I had to read further. Encouraging means “giving courage, confidence or hope.” In times like these, I can’t think of a more important word for those of us in marketing. And since we are the ones most equipped with the talents, the messaging, and the means to spread the word I suggest we get to work. As FDR said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Although your budgets may be in the deep freeze or near zero, this is the time to be planning and thinking beyond the panic to show boldly how marketing is not an expense to be eliminated. Quite to the contrary, it’s almost always an investment worth making.

Consider these ideas:

  • Sit down and plan a strategic course of action that works with a reduced budget. Consider creative ideas for getting more bang for your bucks and focusing on the actions most likely to drive ROI.
  • Stand up for launching active marketing initiatives while your competition is scared stiff to spend money.
  • Tighten your time frames and set your goals within reach.
  • Use the results of your success to fuel the next set of projects. Actively invest in your marketing now and start gaining some market share while the market is standing still.

I think those of us in marketing can find encouragement from this article from the Boston Consulting
: “Don’t cut your brand-marketing budget. Rethink it – Preserving healthy levels of brand spending is essential in the midst of economic uncertainty.”